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Automatic Bodycam Video Review Software

Efficiently review large volumes of video footage.
Find only the relevant portions.
Make decisions on whether to take any action based on your goals.

Streamline Compliance Efforts

Our automated reporting system makes it easy for your department to stay on top of body-worn camera policy compliance.

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Unlock the Power of 100% Video Review

Dyno's software utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze all of your videos, using advanced machine learning and AI to review high volumes of videos.

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Maximize Manual
Review Efficiency

Our extensive AI detection settings allow your department to focus on the videos that matter most, tailored to your specific policies and available officer time.

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Elevate Officer Training

Experience next-generation training with personalized feedback on real interactions, using AI-detected metrics customized by your agency.

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Agency-Owned Algorithms

We’ll set up the infrastructure for your department to train algorithms based on your unique policies, and keep the infrastructure running even if you choose not to continue using our software.

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Recognize Excellence in Policing

Honor and build officer prestige with officer accolade programs, recognizing positive interactions and promoting good policing.

Captured on camera

Software Features

CJIS compliant system architecture, data flows and auditing features
Analysis Environment
Videos never stored or edited, agency maintains custody of all videos
Integration with existing software and tools
Hierarchical review platform with user permissions
Custom event cataloging in-line with departmental policy
Officer and Squad level reporting with user level permissions
Customizable reports and trend analysis

Stay updated on new features and detection types

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